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Keeping Safe With Pepper Spray

June 18, 2014 |

The numbers are quite staggering in regards to offenses that occur in America. Every 22.2 seconds in America one violent crime happens. Every 30.9 minutes one homicide happens. Every 5.7 minutes one forcible rape happens. That is why it’s very significant that a man that loves walking or jogging shield themselves from these terrible offenses. There are various ways an individual can ensure their security while appreciating their actions, and these manners are listed below.

Keeping safe with pepper spray:

Mace or Pepper Spray

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Pepper spray and Mace are ways that an individual can readily keep safe while appreciating their time outside. Pepper spray is not lethal to the assailant but it’s going to prevent themselves from damaging you quite fast. It takes out a red pepper if sprayed into someone else’s eyes which is very distressing. It can cause swelling, a burning sensation and blindness briefly. If the pepper spray is inhaled by the assailant, this may also cause them to choke. Mace is also an excellent way to remain safe. It can briefly cause your assailant pain and get help.

Electronic Dog Chasers

Dogs can cause someone a whole lot of damage while jogging, walking, or riding your bike. An electronic dog chaser may be used to ensure your security. This apparatus emits a very high frequency sound that’s just audible to dogs. It doesn’t hurt them but is quite discomforting to them. The electronic dog chaser additionally has a bright LED flashing light that will temporarily blind a dog as well as mistake them. This provides you with enough time to get to security.

Stun Guns

A stun gun can put any attacker down very fast. These firearms will bring the to their knees in an instant, and will send an electric voltage through someone’s body. After being zapped with a stun gun, the assailant will not be able to move briefly, as well as causes the much pain. Touching the assailant with a stun gun one time may work, but you should touch them and keep doing so until they’re a danger to you if they’re on their feet.

Most states don’t require you have a permit to use stun guns, pepper stray, or other devices used for self defense. These tools can be extremely successful in keeping you safe while you love your outdoor activities.

They are able to help you to stay safe in an assault, date rape, robbery, home invasion, domestic violence, carjacking or any scenario where you happen to be in risk.

Law enforcement officers carry pistols for the option that is fatal but nearly all take tasers for the non fatal option. In addition they take batons and pepper sprays. That’s a testament to how well these personal security products operate.

Perhaps the recent offense spike is a glitch in the system of things. Perhaps not! It only appears that for as little as $10-15 a 10% OC pepper spray or a 130 db alarm is an excellent insurance policy to have. Perhaps you won’t ever want it-I expect so!

In the event you do it’s fine to have. Make certain if you get one you understand the best way to use it and practice using it particularly pepper sprays and stun guns. Make personal security products your first line of defense in an assault situation.

It is not bad to get out but it is better to get and have the reassurance knowing that you’re competent to shield yourself from an attacker. Weather being assaulted by another individual or one that has sharp teeth and growls. has you covered. We take many powerful alternatives in regards to shielding yourself. Come check out our big assortment of Stun Guns, Mace, Pepper Spray, and Electronic Dog.

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